06 Jun 2014

Apotheon at E3 on PS4

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Along with a lot of other great games coming to PS4 – Apotheon will at be at E3 this year at the Sony booth!
We will be showing the PS4 version of Apotheon being developed by Sickhead Games (who previously did the Towerfall PS4 version). Sickhead Games is also helping us with the game’s performance – which will benefit the Steam version.

The Steam version will release at the same time as the PS4 version – with a estimated release date in late August.

Since this is a very large game being primarily developed by two people (based on play testing finishing the main campaign, not including all side areas, is 5+ hours) we’ve decided to not include online multiplayer in the initial release. The reason for this is we want to entirely focus on the single player campaign for now – and not try to push players at launch to fill the servers. The multiplayer portion of the game is something we worked hard on and care a lot about – so we want to make sure there is a large enough amount of active players and that it is a polished experience. So multiplayer will most likely either be a free update – or a standalone package.
There will also be local 1 on 1 multiplayer in both the PS4 and Steam version on release.

Right now the entire single player game is in place from beginning to end, and we are entirely focused on just polishing the game and getting in the final voice acting and animations.

04 Dec 2013

Apotheon – New trailer and pre-orders

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Pre-orders now at 33% off (which include a copy of Capsized) on the new Apotheon website.

We are still a few months away from release, but hopefully will have more announcements to do with platforms and dates soon!

28 May 2013

Capsized part of Humble Bundle 8!

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Pay what you want for Little Inferno, Awesomenauts, Capsized, Thomas Was Alone, and Dear Esther on Mac, Windows and Linux and give a customizable portion of your contribution to the EFF and Child’s Play Charity. Plus if you beat the average purchase price on the site, you’ll also get Hotline Miami and Proteus.

We are extremely happy to be a part of this bundle, with such an amazing line up (HotLine Miami was Alientrap’s favourite game of last year). This also means the debut of Capsized on Linux and Mac!

You can also get 6 of the game soundtracks, including the Solar Fields album Movement, which Capsized used as it’s soundtrack.

23 May 2013

Apotheon – Tumblr

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We’ve started a Tumblr blog to add small updates on Apotheon – check that out here. Hopefully both myself (Lee) and Jesse will be posting regularly

18 Oct 2012

Apotheon First Gameplay Footage

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We’ve released the first gameplay footage of Apotheon! A small teaser of the game, we wanted to get something out there before entering the game into the IGF.

The game is still in heavy development, but we have a planned release date of middle of 2013 on Steam.

If you’d like more info, or for any interview requests, contact us