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22 Feb 2015

Apotheon PS4 Update now live

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Our first Apotheon PS4 patch is now live in North America and Europe, version 1.02
Changes and fixes include:
– Fixed Vita Remote Play controller mappings.
– Added light bar support.
– Fixed bug that prevented Divine Wrath and Treasure Hunter trophies from unlocking.
– Physics stability improvements.
– Fixed some spelling errors.
– Zeus’ music no longer gets stuck when reloading.
– Added a confirmation box when returning to the main menu.
– Fixed bug with climbing walls.
– Elevators now reactivate after killing Ares.
– Fixed bug that caused certain gods to return to life when reloading a level.
– Aspis Shield added to Agora and Acropolis shops
– Fixed rare crash in Apollo’s stables.
– Fixed rare crash in Satyr temple.
– Fixed issue picking up Wild Trophy Key.
– Fixed crash in animation system.
– Adjusted controller deadzones.
– Grappling hooks no longer collide with doors or boats.

Now that the PS4 patch is finished we’ll be making more updates soon! We are experimenting with adding more coop elements, and still focused on a few small bugs/issues

29 Jan 2015

Apotheon Released February 3rd on Steam and PS4

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After almost four years of development, we’re proud to finally announce the release date for Apotheon! February 3rd, 2015, for both Steam and Playstation 4. Additionally, Apotheon will be free for the month of February to Playstation Plus members!

The few short delays we’ve had getting Apotheon ready for PS4 has given us a good opportunity for further optimization and playtesting, making Apotheon a better game for everyone. We’re very excited to set it loose it upon the world on February 3rd!

15 Oct 2014

Autocraft released on Steam October 15th!

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After releasing a private alpha 3 weeks ago we’ve been constantly updating the game at least one a week, and now have 37 challenge levels, and over 100+ vehicle parts to create with.
We’ve been watching a LOT of the Youtube let’s play videos to refine the game (which is the perfect source for playtesting). The main 37 level champion is a polished complete experience, but we still feel the game is good for early access since we want to continue to experiment with new game modes and Sandbox options.

We are launching the game at $9.99 with a 15% discount – discuss and share content on our Steam Community Hub

22 Sep 2014

Announcing a new project: Autocraft

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We are announcing a new game project! Autocraft – a physics based puzzle game for PC and eventually mobile.

We are currently in beta testing with Apotheon, and hopefully submitting for PS4 certification soon. Throughout Apotheon’s development I’ve been working on Autocraft as a side project – with 3d artist Harley Price, and level designer Berkley Staite. Since Autocraft is the type of project that is best built with a community, we’ve decided to release it as ‘Early Alpha Access’ on it’s website to get it to players ASAP. By ordering the game now player’s will receive immediate alpha access (through a key redeemable on Steam, Windows only currently), and all future updates.

Inspired by games such as Bad Piggie’s and Kerbal Space Program, Autocraft is a game about constructing vehicles and other automatons to accomplish objectives. Currently the game has 21 challenge levels, and a sandbox mode for experimentation. We are still prototyping the design of the Sandbox area and other game modes, but feel the game is fun enough to release to players in alpha now.

We also have a Steam Community Hub for players to discuss the game and share creations.

06 Jun 2014

Apotheon at E3 on PS4

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Along with a lot of other great games coming to PS4 – Apotheon will at be at E3 this year at the Sony booth!
We will be showing the PS4 version of Apotheon being developed by Sickhead Games (who previously did the Towerfall PS4 version). Sickhead Games is also helping us with the game’s performance – which will benefit the Steam version.

The Steam version will release at the same time as the PS4 version – with a estimated release date in late August.

Since this is a very large game being primarily developed by two people (based on play testing finishing the main campaign, not including all side areas, is 5+ hours) we’ve decided to not include online multiplayer in the initial release. The reason for this is we want to entirely focus on the single player campaign for now – and not try to push players at launch to fill the servers. The multiplayer portion of the game is something we worked hard on and care a lot about – so we want to make sure there is a large enough amount of active players and that it is a polished experience. So multiplayer will most likely either be a free update – or a standalone package.
There will also be local 1 on 1 multiplayer in both the PS4 and Steam version on release.

Right now the entire single player game is in place from beginning to end, and we are entirely focused on just polishing the game and getting in the final voice acting and animations.