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28 May 2013

Capsized part of Humble Bundle 8!

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Pay what you want for Little Inferno, Awesomenauts, Capsized, Thomas Was Alone, and Dear Esther on Mac, Windows and Linux and give a customizable portion of your contribution to the EFF and Child’s Play Charity. Plus if you beat the average purchase price on the site, you’ll also get Hotline Miami and Proteus.

We are extremely happy to be a part of this bundle, with such an amazing line up (HotLine Miami was Alientrap’s favourite game of last year). This also means the debut of Capsized on Linux and Mac!

You can also get 6 of the game soundtracks, including the Solar Fields album Movement, which Capsized used as it’s soundtrack.

12 Jul 2012

Apotheon update!

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Here are two screens of Apotheon, some of the new areas we recently finished. One is of the forest areas – where the player can hunt wildlife, search for items, and talk to the forest inhabitants. The other is the first screen of one of the main town hub spots – filled with merchants to buy/sell from and palaces and houses filled with loot.

There is now a Alientrap facebook page also, so hopefully we actually post dev updates on there rather than just entirely focus on development.

We have two new team members also! Marios Aristopoulos will be writing the Apotheon soundtrack along with some sound effects – and Abe Hutton is helping with art and animations. Our focus right now is on polishing the game section we have now (about 20% of final game’s size) and experimenting with new gameplay mechanics. We will most likely release the first teaser videos and start a marketing effort in October, then start showing it off at any conventions we can find then.

Capsized is part of Steam’s summer sale right for 66% off. It’s still in development for XBLA by Indiepub, with a release date unknown (it’s ready, but the release is in limbo right now as a publisher slot is being found). Indiepub also plans to release a Ipad version of Capsized soon however. We also hope to release Capsized soon for other PC platforms (Mac/Linux) – basically we want to get Capsized everywhere to as many people as possible. Hopefully we can announce a release date for one of the new platforms soon.

12 Dec 2011

Nexuiz to be released in 2012, published by THQ

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Illfonic has released the first trailer of the new Nexuiz – to now be published by THQ for XBLA / PSN / and Steam in early 2012.

News on the announcement trailer and the publishing agreement can be found on RockPaperShotgun and Joystiq

In other news, me and Jesse are currently working on a new project. Hopefully we can announce something soon, but right now we are still just focused on planning out development and the depth of the game. At the moment the game is just multiplayer only (PC networking is working, with master-server listings and such), and the reason that’s the focus right now is so we can refine the gameplay and mechanics by fighting each other before getting into the single player AI and world. The new game will be a sidescrolling 2d game like Capsized, but with RPG elements and a focus on an open world environment. Development is still early but we’ve made a lot of progress, and our focus is on a PC release with other platforms to follow.

Capsized is still in development for an XBLA release, with new content developed by Koolhaus Games, and we are hoping to do a large update for the PC version to go alongside that as well (with PC exclusive content, developed by us).

11 Oct 2011

Capsized coming to XBLA in December! Published by Indiepub

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The announcement and more information on the Capsized XBLA release can be seen here.

Currently it’s being developed by Koolhaus Games, published by Indiepub, and will feature new levels, XBLA achievements and leaderboards, and a new focus on local multiplayer.

Capsized was originally designed with XBLA in mind but was released on PC first to make development easier for us. So this is a bit of a dream come for us, thanks to Indiepub and the KoolHaus Games developers

28 Sep 2011

Capsized announcement.. soon! AT news, NEXUIZ, and etc

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We may have some important Capsized news to announce tomorrow!

But until then I just wanted to give a general Alientrap update. Jesse and I are working on a new project in the hopes of getting a prototype done for the IGF awards in mid October. We are trying some insane stuff with this new project, so it’s been a learning experience getting things together. The new project is a side scroller 2d game alike to Capsized in some ways, since we wanted to use everything we’ve learnt from Capsized playtesting and development, but it’s a very different game. Hopefully we can start showing stuff soon.

Capsized was recently selected in the Fantastic Arcade – where it won the “The Bionic Commando Award for Grappling Hook Excellence Award”. Unfortunately we weren’t there to except the award or take part in the festival, but it looked awesome enough that there is no way we are not going next year.

I am really wanting to give some updates on recent Nexuiz development from Illfonic, but I’ll leave any announcements to them. I’ll just say from what I’ve seen/played the game is turning out amazing, while keeping the Nexuiz intensity and really taking standard deathmatch to a new level. Hopefully there will be some news with that soon also…

Alientrap has yet another project in the works: Indievania. An indie game marketplace developed with indie devs in mind, where 100% of the costs of the game go to developers. We are still developing it, it’s in open beta right now, but we hope to launch it within the next 2 months or so.

Jesse and I also did a interview with 8BitHorse, which you can see here. We briefly talked about our new project but mostly it had to due with development. I also did a interview with ThreeQuaterdpad and GameSideStory, and

And lastly – reviews for Capsized keep coming in, we are now at 80% on metacritic! Here is another list of reviews since our last post: