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29 Dec 2010

Capsized Trailer Released

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A new Capsized trailer has released to show all all of the enhancements since the last 2009 version.

This time we wanted to show off more of the puzzle elements of the game – and show all the different environments and gameplay options. One part that is only briefly shown in the video is the powerup system now in place, where we have a lot of interesting powerups for the user to find (in the video Nanobots are shown, which help destroy attacking enemies)

28 Dec 2010

Capsized in the news

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Capsized on top 10 indies to watch in 2011

We won game of the year at Saskatchewan’s interactive media awards SIMA.

We also created a facebook page for Capsized, and entered into the IGF for 2011 (results coming soon, so here’s hoping)

A new trailer is also in development to show off the new graphics of the game (the current trailer is looking very outdated), so that should be released in the next few days.